Hermann Graf. beer drinkers. 153 x 104cm. 19. stol

35 .000 KC


Oil on canvas. Signed right lower part H. Graf 95 – it is probably the painter Hermann Graf – German realistic painter born in 1873 Frankfurt, he died in 1940 in Weimar. He lived in Weimar, where developed his artistic talents with the help of Max Theda (1858-1924). He then studied at the Munich Academy under the direction of Karl von Marr and Ludwig von Löfftz. The artist's specialty was interior, in many ways reminiscent of Vermeer's works. His works can be seen in the German and Hungarian museums.
The painting is in good condition, He deserved it clean and new paint. The original canvas is reinforced reinforcing mesh.
Germany, 1895
Dimensions: height 153 cm, width 104 cm, depth frame 6 cm, (including the frame size is, which has 6 cm)