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About us

Our company was founded in 2006 originally a real estate company. We focused on historic buildings. One of the first investments was a lock Stračov, we have chosen as the headquarters and began an extensive reconstruction, which was not easy. We had a desire to equip the interior with antique furniture, which belongs to the castle. Unfortunately the original furniture Nothing remains. So we started looking and the Czech Republic and abroad, period furniture and furnishing interiors gradually. Antiques We fell in love very quickly, we began to pursue them to the fullest and to become a member of the Antique Dealers Association and member of the International Confederation of traders artworks C.I.N.O.A.


Now you can find the complete equipment of the entire property from furniture, carpet, tepisserií, paintings and sculptures after small items and everyday items. Due to our interiors are We are focusing on the period from 17. century to the beginning 20. century. We also provide professional refurbishment and transportation and assembling on the spot.

Paul Huysegems

Grandpa and chief.

native Belgian, who speaks Dutch, German and French. A man with a great feeling, is able to design and recommend a suitable specimen and the entire interior. It is a long-term collector of antique furniture and works of art.

Henry Karasek

native Czech, who speaks perfect Dutch, German and now also improving his English. The largest collectible hobby is for him carpets. He likes antiques, they create value. He likes to be educated in their field, Therefore, now he is studying in Prague Academy of Rodolph, Study antiquarian.