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Ahar, Persian hand-knotted carpet 408 X 291 cm

38 .400 KC


Persian hand-knotted carpet from Ahar ( Herizskaya oblast ). Carpet is very well preserved and is nowhere threadbare even burned through. Warm earthy colors and geometrically stylized flowers are typical for this area. Wool on cotton warp. Density ligaments around 140000 uzlíků na 1 m2. The carpet is from the '50s of the last century. Quality greasy wool guarantees a long life of the carpet and easy maintenance, as in the mountains protects quality wool sheep from harsh conditions, so the carpet is protected against dirt and damage. It has antistatic properties, It is a great insulator and embellish the interior.

Dimensions: length with fringes 408cm, length without fringe 400cm, width 291cm, pile height 1 cm