Genesis Opus

80 .000 KC


Modern works by famous artists, currently working in Belgium. Work will be sold with a certificate of authenticity and originality in the name of the buyer.


Fernand was born Demonseau 21. January 1945 ve Scherpenheuvel v Belgii. He began to study civil engineering, So focus, which surely gives the knowledge of the precise lines, shape and perspective.

Subsequently he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Tienen and graphic art in Vinderhoute. Participates in various art groups Tenerife, Tunisia, Germany, Austria, Greece and on the island of Rhodes. In 1970 He began his artistic career by participating in a group exhibition at the Palace of Fine Arts in Brussels.

from within 1971 is known as a creative artist, and in the following years, very systematically making its way. During 20 years with great success mastered all the disciplines of painting and graphic arts. That's curiosity also led him to, that portrays imagery and abstraction in a new dimension. His desire to discover previously unknown possibilities in all areas of the arts prompted him to seek means to express emotions as visionary on canvas, and on the panel or on paper. Fernand Demonseau paints constantly new and original, so that his works are still original and young, radiating timeless beauty. As varied as his artistic craving is its ability to achieve color effects. His technique of composition and color attracts attention every connoisseur of art.

To, the work of Fernando Demonseaua become timeless concept, It is evident from the large number of art lovers, who still admire his work beyond the borders of our country. Admirable Desmonseaua world far beyond the borders of Belgium: He is known not only in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, but also in Tunisia, Canada, Argentina, USA, Japan…

The professional art critics treatise, who already acts as a quarter of a century, and eminent experts including Remi De Cnodder, Raymond Maes, Ron Goswin, Gunnar Riebs a Jan D’Hase, published in various international reviews:

The earliest period scenes, uhnětenými of raw materials, which hardens like a stone, moonscape, dragons and flowers tangents. But even classical elements, heyday of the so-called latemské school with its strong colors, But the sophisticated compositions, wherein each element has a role.

Then follows a period dreamy, approaching surrealism, and for a moment awakens and architectural elements, a reference to the old times, engraving needle butterflies and stylish buildings.

Consequently, this beauty will enchant artists. beauty body, When beings express their desire for love Gamble. All this is done so fragile, that neither it vulnerable women, even the machismo of men get their face. Erotica is expressed by “I do not know the name”, remain incognito. Rarely got so sublime watercolor assigned role.

Eventually, Back in his introspection, Demonseau again reaches for the knife and brush, to portray images from previous dream. Quivering sensibility reclaims possession, At first confused, later mysterious. introspection, generosity and passion lead restless soul artist, who had previously managed to get a place in the circle “known” contemporary artists.

honor, recognition and prices, which earned the artist, and exhibitions, he had, attest to his great talent. You can find most of them on this website.